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Thank you for coming!
A shout out to all my Russian watchers! I need a small information! Does "Daughter of the Moon" actually translate into "Doch' Luny/Дочь Луны"?
Thank you in advance!

theft + 10 OC facts meme

Tue Mar 15, 2016, 12:33 PM
Hello peeps!

I don't usually write journal complaints (I don't like that), but this time I need to do it, to warn my public, I will start posting drawings with the -ugly- deviant watermark, or my own logo -we'll see.
Yesterday I found one of my drawings, stolen in another gallery. They slightly changed it and posted it as theirs, and I'm familiar with theft, but it doens't mean I should get used to it.
So yeah, I'm sorry in advance, but, watermarks are needed.
I will send a stash hd quality of all art trades, gifts, and commissions, but my art will be all marked from now on, at least in this gallery. :(
At least the stolen drawing was taken down, and I have to thank all the awesome friends who fought for me! :huggle:


But now let's skip to the funny part! :la: I am stealing this meme (oh the irony), from Nike-93  and let's see what happens! :la:

*Either you give me the name of an OC of mine, or you link me an image of one of my OCs found in my gallery. I'll then write up 10 Facts about them in this journal. Submit as many as you want. Steal this if you want.*


Requested by Chenria 

Coffee by Fidi-s-Art

1 - He's an only child.
2- He's bisexual, and had many lovers.
3 - He's allergic.
4- He had his first time at 14. And his "second" first time (if you know what I mean), at 17.
5- He can do many "artsy" things, from playing piano, to dancing, and singing.
6- He has the nervous habit of pulling his hair back.
7- He's a major Star Wars nerd.
8- He's a dog person, even though he doesn't have one.
9- He suffered from depression and PTSD.
10- He has daddy issues. 



Requested by ghostlybunny

Savior by Fidi-s-Art

1 - He's a 80s trash, loves musicals and old Hollywood.
2 - He's always on diet, but is too much of a slut for ice cream to actually follow the diet.
3- He doesn't handle alchol.
4- He had a toxic affair with his ex-boyfriend, Tyler.
5- His parents are divorced, and he doesn't see his father since then.
6- He has an older brother, David, and they're very different, but very close.
7- His favourite show is "Grey's Anatomy".
8- His female friends, are his fem-crushes too.
9- He's jelous.
10- He likes contemporary art, Japanese art from the Edo period, and practices Zen culture.



Requested by TrioDownToTwo

Ab (67) by Fidi-s-Art

1 - She thinks she's ugly.
2- She hates her freckles, but will eventually grow fond with them.
3- She loves horses, and is actually sporty.
4- She watches cartoons and animes, but she doesn't nerd about them.
5- She's embarrassed about her body, and the... whole shaving thing.
6- She's a daddy's girl.
7- She often fights with her brother, but can't help love the fucker.
8- She's very mature for her age.
9- She will actually grow very attached to Ben.
10- She'd love to wear her mother's dress on her wedding.



Requested by TrioDownToTwo

She by Fidi-s-Art

1- Her favourite place is the seaside in the early morning.
2- She was forced to learn play cello, but she eventually grew fond of it.
3- She has an older sister, Katrina, and she used to suffer a little from the sisterly competition.
4- Her father is a judge, and her sister's a lawyer. They both dislike Alan.
5- Alan was her first.
6- She's secretly intrigued by Alan's bisexuality, and would like to do something with it.
7- She loves boots, and has them in every kind, shape and colour.
8- She begged Alan to name their first born, after a book's character she read about in high school.
She had a crush on him.
9- She's a pink lover.
10- She sometimes watches soapoperas. Only when alone at home.



Requested by creaturecreep

Cal by Fidi-s-Art

1- He hates crowd, and in general, being social.
2- He's touchy. And actually a bit spoiled too.
3- He's demisexual, even if he doesn't officially declare it.
4- He'd rather leave home, to study somewherelse, but he's actually afraid of changes.
5- He's afraid of the sight of lood.
6- Both him and his sister are the biggest Jurassic Park trash.
7- During puberty, he suffers from the competition with Alan.

8- He loves gothic/metal and his favourite band is Apocalyptica.
Alan even gifted him with a t-shirt of the band.
9- He lives in the eternal inner conflict of loving being cuddled, but disliking not requited physical contact. Sucks to be you, Cal.
10- He will develope a crush on an older girl, Melanie.



Requested by Rakiah 

Ritratto di Signora by Fidi-s-Art

1 - She's very vain.
2- She spends hours combing her hair, before bedtime.
3- She owns a female kitten named Milady, and it's a gift from her husband.
4- She smokes.
5- She has an endless wardrobe, and is a shopping addicted (btw, she's dissgustingly rich).
6- She's an intellectual, a bookworn, and speaks other languages, especially French, very well.
7- She's a skilled singer and pianist.
8- Her mother Eleanore was also an Opera singer. She died when Angy was a teen ager.
9- She has a personal housemaid, Hetty.
10- Plotwist: she's Sadie grand grandchild.



Requested by Kylie-no-Hime 

When she loved me by Fidi-s-Art

1- He's a orphan.
2- He was raised by his aunt, as his own son, in a very conservative way.
3- He's very conservative himself, now, as an adult.
4- He's a bit lazy, and prefers staying at hom reading a book at the fireplace.
5- But, he's very attached to etiquette, and is a man of honor, so, whenever it's required, he will attend an event, despite his lazyness. Be sure of it.
6- He falls for Angelica right away (and so she does).
7- His aunt despises Angy very much. She believes the girl is too indecent (and American), for such a good boy like Fletcher.
8- He's a notary.
9- He and Rod are actually old friends.
10- He's not very good at dancing.



Requested by Rakiah 

It's in your family tree by Fidi-s-Art

1- He doesn't love: he kinda likes, or totally obsesses over.
2- He grew up in the City, with his elder brother Malcom.
3- He's been expelled from college.
4- He litterally dislikes everyone in his family, except for Sadie.
5- He actually dislikes the whole world.
6- As a child, he was even creepier. He collected dead things, from leaves, to little animals and other dead children.
7- He's a dandy.
8- He's not comfortable with being touched. Except from Sadie.
9- He's a sadistic.
10- Sadie.

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